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How is this posible?

Our website makes League of Legends game more entertaining because of our free Riot Points gift card digital codes giveaway. This is possible through the help of our sponsors and advertisers that pays us for each download of our RP codes generator. What sets us different is that we are always up to deliver working codes that are scanned for the benefits of our users. Our sponsors are ready to donate a certain number of codes every day.

There will be no more fake downloads because our digital codes always work. You can start buying champions,runes,skins,etc.. without spending money and make the game a lot more interesting and entertaining!

How does app works?

We distribute free codes to the public. With that goal in mind, we created a small program that gives a random code of $10, $25, $50, $75 and $100 to everyone who participates. Also, you have the opportunity of getting League of Legends starter pack card (10 champions, 5 skins, 14 day XP boost and 17 day IP boost). One card is definitely yours, the only question is which one.

Our program is trusted because we offer Riot Points gift card codes that are safe to use, manually checked and scanned. There is no harmful data, and it’s virus-free.

You need to act fast to take the opportunity of winning free card because the limited number of codes every day.

Run the program, go through simple steps and get your free Riot points giftcard digital code by pressing the “give me my card!” button

Then, you are taken to the download page where you will get your unique code

Once you getyour RP card digital code, you can redeem it in the League of legends client store

You Can Download Our App Here

Download Free RP gift card Generator v 1.8

With just one click you can download our cool tool. It’s free, it’s safe, it’s easy. Just hurry, because we have daly limit of codes. Only the fastest will get their codes today!


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